What I do


    At HarryLangsam.com, I carefully translate every word written many years ago between friends and relatives. I have been doing it for years very successfully and to fullest satisfaction of the customers. I am excited to help you learn about your family history.

    Please include any important information about the letter (language and pages), its author (name, age) and how you would like to get it to me (scan, fax, email attachment, regular mail).

Recent Work - Lancut Yizkor Book Translation


    I have recently completed the translation of the Lancut Yizkor book. Lancut is a city near Rzeszow (Rayshe in Yiddish), Galicia. It is the city where my father was born and had a large Jewish community.

    This book contains 570 pages including pictures of Lancut people, and names of Lancut martyrs. Please contact me if you are interested in obtaining the English translation of this rich historical text.

About Me


    I was born in 1921 in a little town in Poland. At the outbreak of World War II, I escaped the Nazi onslaught and spent the war years in the Soviet Union detained in a forced labor camp. After the war, I settled in a Displaced Person Camp in Germany.

    Following the establishment of the state of Israel we immigrated, thinking things would improve there. However the economic situation forced me to look for greener pastures and the Land of Opportunity came to my mind. I became a citizen of the USA in 1957. I worked as an accountant in a commercial bank for the last 20 years before my retirement.

    Lately, I've become busy, writing my life story, and enjoying the teacherĀ¹s instructions to my writing class. She is steering me in the right direction to be a better writer.



    I will translate for a modest fee a little above the cost of the paper and ink. I will contact you with an estimate before I begin.

How to Contact Me


    Please feel free to contact me by clicking here to email h.langsam at yahoo.com